Jonathan Gradin – Bach F Major Prelude BWV 556 – University of Idaho 3/26 Casavant Organ

[EDIT: Apologies for the failed video preview and links in the earlier version. This one should be correct]

Here I play the Bach F Major Prelude (BWV 556), from the Eight Little Preludes & Fugues, on the University of Idaho’s completely original 1953, 3/26 Casavant Freres pipe organ, a wonderfully-sounding throwback instrument rooted in the 1930s and ’40s.

This rendition is much slower than most, and is registered more orchestrally; however, I think this works with the Romantically-voiced instrument much better than a typical Bach registration. Let me know how it sound from a musical (not necessarily historical) perspective!

Videography and recording was by Anton Jiracek, a friend and Broadcast/Digital Media student at University of Idaho. Anton and I edited this video using Final Cut Pro. Apologies for the poor white balance; the room (with the organ’s built-in lights) is hard to balance properly, and we didn’t want to take too much time from his busy schedule.

Organ info can be found at The organ needs a thorough cleaning and releathering, for which the school has no money; however, this lack of funds has blessedly kept it unaltered, a state in which I’d like to see it remain (restored, of course).

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