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Gradin by Ford Model A

This is myself standing in front of a beautifully restored Ford Model A, taken end of July 2011 at Mervyn’s Towing in Hayden, Idaho. I wish I owned this car!

Hello! I’m Jonathan Gradin, a recet graduate in journalism from the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho. This is mostly a test blog—my first foray into this area—but I’ll probably feature some of my design/journalistic endeavors, as well as other posts of interest.

At my prior school, North Idaho College, I took Adobe InDesign, PhotoShop, Illustrator and Typography classes as well as my standard journalism courses (Reporting, Editing, News Writing).

While journalism was my major, I also minored in philosophy and am quite interested in theology. I am a Christian with an intense interest in the Bible, and I’m constantly amazed at how philosophical concepts of the great masters (Locke, Hobbes, Plato, Descartes) are compatible with the Bible.

I currently use my skills to help with Facebook publicity of Steve Ashley’s hour-long theatre pipe organ radio show “Hot Pipes!,” and I serve as Part-Time Public Relations Assistant with the Appaloosa Journal, official publication of the Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC).

I am a fan of pipe organs, both the classical organs found in churches and the lush-sounding theatre organs found in the old movie palaces, and I try to use my skills to promote them. In 2012 I designed a CD for organist Thomas Dressler, “Thomas Dressler Plays the Paul Fritts Organ, Princeton Theological Seminary,” which is available on CD Baby, Amazon and elsewhere.

I think I’m an old man at heart, because I collect vinyl records and lost most pre-1970s music, especially all forms of classical, easy listening, early jazz and old show tunes.

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  2. Congratulations Jonathan !!!!!

    Edward Peterson

    1. Thanks, Edward!
      Doing the blog is a little slow on my aging eMac (2003, 1 GHz single-core, 1 GB RAM), but I’ll try to keep it updated (somewhat) regularly!

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