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Thomas Dressler CD Now Available Online

Thomas Dressler’s new CD, “Thomas Dressler Plays the Paul Fritts Organ, Princeton Theological Seminary,” on which I did all the design/typographic work, is now available on CD Baby as a physical CD—recommended because of the superb liner notes and package design, as well as the quality sound from Oasis‘ single-speed mastering—and as an MP3 download.

Dressler CD Front Cover

Front cover of Thomas Dressler's new CD, which I designed. The artist took the photo of the organ, however.

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Jonathan Gradin – Bach F Major Prelude BWV 556 – University of Idaho 3/26 Casavant Organ

[EDIT: Apologies for the failed video preview and links in the earlier version. This one should be correct]

Here I play the Bach F Major Prelude (BWV 556), from the Eight Little Preludes & Fugues, on the University of Idaho’s completely original 1953, 3/26 Casavant Freres pipe organ, a wonderfully-sounding throwback instrument rooted in the 1930s and ’40s.

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Regular Prayer: A Hobbesian Vindication

A couple months ago, Pastor Phil Vance at my church—Living Faith Fellowship in Pullman, Wash.—preached a thought-provoking message series about prayer. One message made the point that if we pray in Jesus’ name—meaning according to His will and with His authorization—we will see God acting in our lives more, and more answered prayer.

This got me thinking.

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